Oh My GoD, I Am SooO DrunK!

Thats Right.....

9 February 1984
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I will start off by saying that I am awful at writing these things. I am not a good writer. NOPE.
Most people have a ball with the fact the I am from the infamous town of Disney World. Thats right boys and girls, I am from Celebration. Laugh all you want..it is my town and I love it. Besides, its really cool getting your electricity from oversized metal mouse ears. (WHAT?!)Don't ask me where I am origianlly from though becasue it is a long story. I have moved around so much.

I have recently graduated from Flagler College with a degree in Theatre Arts. I currently work for Carnival Cruise Lines in their Entertainment Department aboard one of their many FunShips! I am loving life right now, having a great time.

OKay like I said I am not a great writer so I don't know how to end this. Ill just end it by saying...THE END and have a nice day :)