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Back to the Ship EARLY!!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to keep you all posted on what is going on. Most of you know I was origianlly signing onto my next ship, the Celebration on August 25th. Max and I are both now signing on 2 weeks earlier...on August 11th. Woohoo!

The ship sails out of Jacksonville, Florida and goes to Key West, Florida...Freeport, Bahamas and Nassau Bahamas. It is a 4 and 5 day cruise.

For all my friends here on land...I wanna see you before I go...For all you people out on the Sensation...see you at the Double Dragon!

The Soberdance

Back to the Ship!

Who knew.....

Thats right kiddos...Maxwell and I are missing the ocean. After a few months here on land, we have decided to get back out there and do another contract with Carnival Cruise Lines. This time around though, we will only be doing 3 months instead of 6. Both of us will be signing on the Celebration on August 25th until December 15th. It will be a 4 and 5 day cruise out of Jacksonville, Florida and it goes to Key West, Freeport and Nassau! Good old Nassau...never thought I would miss it! haha. For those of you I know and love on the Sensation...we will meet you at the Double Dragon!!!

Anyways, so we will be here on land in Orlando for the next 3 hanging out is a must. Get in touch!

The Soberdance

Hey Everyone!!! Im updating! Read me!

Hey everyone!!

Just thought I would send a little update to everyone since I have not really done so for a while since I have been here. I have just been so incredibly busy here on the Sensation, finding time to really sit down and write a nice email is hard to do!

First off, I want to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes, from the packages sent to the ship, from the emails and the phone calls, it all really meant a lot. It was hard being away from all of my close friends for my birthday, but I still had a pretty good time!

We were in Nassau, Bahamas for my actual birthday, which is our best day here because we are in the port for a whole 24 hours, which most ships never get to do! During the day I went out to lunch with Maxwell and then we hit Atlantis for the Casino! It does not seem fair that I lost 40 dollars on my birthday, but oh well it was fun anyways! Later that night a bunch of people threw me a little party in the crew bar and then we all head off to Bambu, a night club here in Nassau at around 2am. Good times!! All in all it was a good birthday!

In other news, I have exactly one month left here on the Sensation, then it is back off to the real world!! Of course I will miss it here, but I am definitely ready to get back to the normal world…for a while anyways. I am very glad I did this, don’t get me wrong, I wanted to do it for so long, and I had fun doing it…but I am ready to move on…if I do another contract it wont be for a while.

The plan after this month is over is still a work in progress. I know that I will be going somewhere with Maxwell….crazy I know…but I guess when you know you know! The short term plan right now is to go to Orlando for a few days, St. Augustine for a few days, North Carolina (where he is from) for a few days or possibly weeks and then we are thinking about a road trip up and down the east coast to decide where we want to go….right now the plan is pointing to New York…possibly Brooklyn…I have family there who owns some property, so finding a place to live for cheap wont be a problem. But who knows…we shall see…I am not too worried about it all…. I will of course keep you all updated!!

Anyways, it is time for me to get going! I have to go host Game Show Mania in a little while! Woohoo! Anyways, what I am trying to say, especially to my St. Auggy Doggies…is….GET READY CAUSE IM COMING BACK! See you all soon! Love and miss you

The Soberdance

An Update on my life!!

Well hey everyone! Thought I forgot about you all didn’t you? Of course not! I have just been so incredibly busy here! I finally bought a brand new laptop computer, so now I am able to access the internet in my room, which makes it so much easier. It is still extremely expensive to use, but that’s alright…but that is why no one hears from me too often! Anyways, now that I have my own computer, expect to hear from me a little more.

The past 2 and a half months that I have been working for Carnival Cruise Lines have been crazy. I don’t even know where to begin. I do love my job. The time I have been here has not been that long…I feel like I have been here forever though, yet the time is flying by! I do so many things such as organize and do activities with the guests, give tours, host shows, introduce comedians and everything else you can think of. My title is a “social host”, and the best way that we describe our job to the guests is that we are their “Party Patrol”. I know it sounds corny, but hey…that’s what we do….we make sure the guests are always having fun!

Everyone I have met here is incredibly nice. I am lucky to have met such wonderful people to work with. A lot of people here come and go from contracts ending and starting every cruise and that does get hard, but you get to know a lot of people that way all over the fleet! Besides, there are of course the few that leave lasting impressions that you know you will stay connected to in the future ;)

The ports are beautiful. I am in the Bahamas twice a week overnight, so we have a lot of fun. I get a lot of time off to go out and explore, and that is exactly what I do. There are a lot of nice places I have discovered there that I never would have as just a regular tourist. If any of you ever venture out this way, Ill show you around!!

The ship life is interesting. I have a roommate, who is also a social host. We get along great and I really enjoy living with her. The room is small, but livable….its pretty much like living in a college dorm again, except I have a steward who comes and cleans my room everyday! Haha, I could get used to that! We have two award winning production shows here…One is called “Curves” which is a Las Vegas style show and the other is called “Far From Over” which is an 80’s review.

Now I know most of you have been bugging me to see some pictures…and I have been trying so hard for the past few days to upload them to Facebook and Myspace but for some reason it is just not working. Don’t worry though, I am trying hard and wont give up until the job is done, so hopefully you will be seeing some new pictures soon! Just give me some time to figure it out!!

I miss all of you so very much and hope to hear from you guys!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and all that jazz. Talk to you all soon,

The Soberdance


Hey everyone,

So guess what everyone? Instead of starting on Sept 10th like normally planned...I am starting 4 days later on Sept 14th. Since my original start date was scheduled so quickly, they werent able to process me in enough time. Haha...its cool....I could use the extra 4 days to prepare.....

Till then, im yours!

The World!

Here we go....

Well hello there all,

It is 11:30 in the morning, 3 days before I leave. How crazy is that?? In 3 days I am going to be living on a cruise ship. To work. I will be working on a cruise ship. For 6 MONTHS!! AHHHHHH.

As you can probably tell, I am a little nervous. I am very excited. This is all just happening so fast, I feel like I have no time to breathe. Where did the time go? Just a few months ago I was on one of these boats as a guest, WISHING I could be up there performing. And there ya go.

Thank you to everyone who attended my little going away shin dig. It really meant alot to me. I am going to miss St. Augustine so very much. I knew I would miss the people terribly, but I didnt expect to miss the place as much as I already do. It was very difficult to drive away from 42 Sanford the other day. I wont lie. I cried about half of the way home. Like a little baby. haha. But I have no doubt that I will see most of you again and I am amazing at keeping in contact with people. I know this. I am. Trust me.

Trying to pack for this is impossible. I mean, I am trying to not bring too much. I am usually good at packing lightly. They say to bring enough clothes like your going on a week and a half trip. Well what does THAT mean? Enough clothes to wear for 10 days without repeating an outfit? Because I went to Europe for a month...but got by with 4 shirts. Hmmmmm. Its hard to get out of the mindset that I can get things from home once I am on the boat...I dont need enough of everything for 6 whole months. You should have seen me in Walmart last night. MOM, HOW MANY BOTTLES OF SHAMPOO DO I NEED FOR 6 MONTHS?!?!?!?! Needless to say, I had a look of panic on my face when my mother only let me walk out of the store with 1 bottle. Hahaha.

Anyways, I should go. I have so much to do in so little time. How cliche to say...but ITS TRUE!!!!

I dont know if I will be able to update again until after I am on the boat. So if not.....wish me luck, I wish all of you luck, and see you soon!!!

Till then,

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Very Odd Dreams....

So for about 2 weeks now I have had about 10 dreams about starting my new job. Thats 10 dreams in 14 days. Thats crazy! So this is how they usually go...

I arrive at the port where I am supposed to get on the cruise ship. When I get there I realize that the boat is not a cruise ship, but a small sail boat or row boat. I try to make the best of things, but I just cant do it. I keep telling the other crew members that I get sea sick on small boats, but they dont want to listen to me.

Last night I finally had a dream that the boat was of normal size. This time though, I dreamt that I was on board and I couldn't find my way around the ship at all. I kept walking in circles and ending up back where I started. I got so lost that I kept missing all my meetings with the poeple who were supposed to train me. AHHHHHH!!!

Good thing these are only dreams!

2 more days in St. Augustine.

8 more days living on land!

Till next time...


PS - I have redone my entire journal.. I went through every single one of my entries and deleted the stupid petty ones where I dont even remember what I was talking about. I would say I cut out around 70 entires. I really plan to use this alot while I am gone to keep in touch with people and to just log my adventures. Anyways...enjoy!
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